ASE Racing 1.0

The first ever Aarhus build Formula Student Car

Formula Student is new in Aarhus, where Aarhus University and AAMS have made a corporation to start up a team of excellence. The team is to be called ASE Racing, and already by the first car there is a great expectation of a high-performance car. In ASE Racing, we want to show what an Aarhus educated engineer can do…

(Photot credit to University of Warwick)

Due to the fact of almost no experience in motorsports engineering, neither of experience in automobile engineering, at Aarhus University, the team members must research everything by themselves. Because of that, the focus with ASE Racing 1.0 is to make a reliable car. That means extra weight, making the acceleration and deacceleration less competitive. But it will hopefully make it possible to gain experience to all parts of the Formula Student competitions.

ASE Racing 1.0 is going to compete at Silverstone, which is based in the middle of Formula One land. 7 out of 10 Formula One teams are based in UK, nearby the Silverstone track. So with a steady performance, ASE Racing might get some attention with their version 1.0.

There will be an update, as the working process comes further.